ChainTLM - confidence created in code
The Chain TLM platform is based on the smart contract  technology, the technology of highest confidence based on blockchain. This allows eradicating major risks encountered in doing business with vendors and shippers.
Executive summary
In order protect the interests of the Chain TLM Platform participants, the International Transport and Logistics Arbitration Court (ITLAC) is hereby established within the Platform. Its primary task is to ensure continuous and systematic operation for all the enterprises involved in the Platform.

ITLAC is attached to the Chain TLM Platform to provide resolution for all kinds of disputes occurring in the performance of enterprises of transport, logistics and trade. Hearing such cases in ordinary courts is costly and time-consuming.

Participants of all kinds of transaction performed at the Chain TLM Platform get instant access to services provided by highly qualified international lawyers. Disputes are resolved online, which allows recovering service fees, compensations and penalties instantly, right away after the signing of the verdict, and instantly putting obtained funds into use. Participants of the project are judges approved internationally.

No longer will you have to seek legal support on the local level, prepare documents for submission to courts, pay court fees and spend years of your time.

We eliminate obstacles for business development and create supportive working environment.
Problems and solutions
Risk of disputes and payment delays
It is impossible to foresee all risks and their implications when drawing up contracts. Disagreements and delays in obtaining fees for provided services are highly plausible.
Money in the quick dispute resolution environment
Our international lawyers professionally resolve any encountered disputes online. All fines and compensations are paid according to the verdict right away after its signing.
RIsk of loss of or damage to goods
Even provided that a contract has been signed, a customer cannot be totally assured that goods already paid for are received on time or consist with the properties stated.
Smart contract
Smart contract is signed at the Platform and verified by the Platform’s digital signature protocol, which allows guaranteeing reception of service fees deposited beforehand and improving quality of services and goods.

Created in Estonia
We realize it is high time to combine our efforts to create a multifunctional IT environment that allows running business in transport and logistics as efficiently as possible.

Our economists, lawyers, logistics and transport experts are extensively experienced in international projects and transport industry, which includes taking part in creation of the Muuga port free zone (Estonia), modernizing and extension of sea ports of Riga, Liepaja (Latvia) and Klaipeda (Lithuania), establishment of numerous customs warehouses and terminals outside free zones, international automotive shipping management, development of railways and railway shipping management, arrangement of corridors for multimodal shipping, intermodal shifting, loading and reloading, sorting and repacking of cargos, service as customs filers and agents, optimization of transport infrastructure performance and taxation, banking, and, finally, work in courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts in the fields of international law, disputes related to transport industry, trade and taxes.

Our long-standing experience gives us deep understanding of the problems related to the transport industry and helps us easily find necessary solutions.

Crisis management is our daily work. It is clear to us that in the present-day realities business profitability and effective use of material and human resources cannot be obtained without implementation of leading-edge technology.

Our ideas and possibilities were highly appreciated by the international New Silk Road Project, which resulted in signing of a Joint Protocol of Intentions.We all like what we do. We love being a team, and we offer you to join. We represent the real business.

Cooperation with IT experts and the judges of our Arbitration Court made the vision of the CHAIN TLM Project a part of reality.Estonia is a part of the European Union and a leader in development of digital economy. Concessional tax system and friendly supervisory authorities secure a smooth start and confidence in the future for the CHAIN TLM Project.

International Transport and Logistics Arbitration Court (ITLAC)
International, European and comparative law. Banking and finance. 15 years of experience in the provision of legal consulting services, including AML, KYC, Due diligence, commercial law, banking, development and support of the customer service department..
🇱🇻 Kristine Krumina
Master of Law. Graduated from the Turiba University of Latvia..
- Member of Egyptian Lawyers Syndicate since 1985.
- Cassation Lawyer since 2005.
- Legal Counsellor for many of key leaders in the field of oil industry companies and public figures in Alexandria.
- Member & Honorary President of Arab Lawyers Union
- Honorary President of Right Advocates Family
- Secretary General of Occupational Performance Evaluation Committee at Alexandria Lawyers Syndicate
- Vice President of Human Rights Committee at Alexandria Lawyers Syndicate.- Lecturer at Advocacy Institute.
- Attorney of law before the Criminal Court, Supreme State Security Court & Cassation Court 
🇪🇬 Mamdouh Ibrahim Ali
Bachelor of Law, University of Alexandria, Egypt.
CJSC Renault Russia, ORBIS LLC, Center of the Commonwealth LLC, external Legal Counsel. Additional specialization in customs law and taxation. Legal support in the field of logistics, supplies, rail transportation, trade, production. .
🇷🇺 Ilya Nikolayev
Master of Law. Graduated from St. Petersburg State University of the Russian Federation.
Specialist in the field of customs legislation. Full legal support of legal entities. Contract law in the field of logistics, transport. International contract law. Litigation.
🇪🇪 Ivar Stukolkin
Master of Law. He graduated from the Tartu Law Univercity in the Republic of Estonia. Olympic champion, Honored Master of Sports. The owner of the national records of Estonia.

Lawyer, Master of Law, Deputy Director of the international law company PEREIRO LAGE AND LAWYERS, LLC.
UA Andrey Smirnov
 Many years of experience in litigation and subscription legal services for freight forwarding, construction, trading companies, state enterprises of Ukraine and non-residents on foreign economic activity. Specialist in corporate, contractual, commercial, customs, tax, international private law.

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